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JUNE 29,2024

Welcome to Harrisburg Fashion Week 2024 Season 5


Our Story

My first show was in 2013 at the Zembo Shrine, Never thought it would be what it is today, I just wanted to help My models gain exposure in the Pennsylvania Area. We were always off to some city for Fashion Week. 

One evening speaking with my Mother God Rest her Soul. About Fashion Weeks getting Models to them and Home safety. She had the best Idea every why don't you do it here. (light build moment).


So began the birth of Harrisburg Fashion Week.  Our First Show was just about Having Fun and enjoying it. Boy did I learn so much. I was not sure if it was something I wanted to do every year because it is a lot of work.

You must have a Trustworthy Team That is willing to work as Hard as you do. 

I took some breaks had to make some changes and a Lot of prayer.

I decided to go full speed a head for 2024, There has been so many Changes in the Fashion Week World all rules went out the window since Mercedes Benz stop Sponsoring New York Fashion Week in 2015. 

I notice in 2000 there was not much of anything as far as Fashion on the scence in Harrisburg,PA

But today 2024 HARRISBURG PA has been on the move towards Fashion. We are quickly becoming the intersection for Fashion, Art and Music.


I have created a Platform for creative expression your creativity when it comes to Fashion. 

So come and help shape Harrisburg Fashion Culture for the years to come. 

We are focusing on Giving Future Designers, Models, Photographers, Artiste and Brands the platform at the same time we are Placing structure around developing a retail and fashion industry while promoting economic partnerships that will last a lift time.

Mrs Tracie Carroll - Founder 

Our Sponsor's

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