Harrisburg Fashion Week: Why Harrisburg?

Written by Rachel K. Grim

NY - Fashion Blogger 


Just as designer names and handbags are the perfect pair, cities and fashion go hand-in-hand.  Whether walking down a bustling avenue or indulging in your favorite city-based show, while simultaneously “people watching” its characters, it is clear the art of fashion beautifies every city.  Because cities around the world are a hub for all things new and trendy, it is no surprise major fashion-capital metropolises such as New York, Milan, Paris and London host bi-annual fashion week productions.  As fashion week encourages trends around the globe, small to midsize cities like Philadelphia, Miami and Atlanta have recently adopted fashion week events as well!

Recognized as the home of numerous up-and-coming restaurants, sports teams and night-life, Pennsylvania’s Capitol City also has a lot to offer, yet for many years lacked in fashionable opportunities.  Being the home of influential and creative minds like Ms. Tracie Carroll an outlet for fashion was acknowledged and thus Harrisburg Fashion Week was born and currently celebrates its third season. Though Harrisburg Fashion Week serves the purpose of highlighting designers, models and seasonal trends, it ultimately breathes life into the city.  Creating positions for Harrisburg area designers, makeup artists, advertisers, media-gurus, models and countless other talented city dwellers fashion week grows and strengthens both the city’s economy and loyal residents.   This year the popular Harrisburg Farm Show complex hosts numerous designers and countless talented models to inspire and feed your style cravings and tickets are now available here! 


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Until next time, stay trendy!